Cargo bike

Try out the cargo bike for transporting equipment

Hire an electrically assisted Urban Arrow brand cargo bike with 8 speeds integrated in the hub. Its loading case is hermetic. The dimensions (taken at the base of the case) are 66 x 53 cm (non rectangular shape), its capacity being 350 litres. The case can carry a maximum weight of 150 kg. It is provided with a lock which blocks the back wheel. Other accessories  (lock, helmet...) can also be provided for you.

This bicycle drives like a conventional bicycle. However, some time is needed to adapt to it given the unusual dimension of the bicycle (related to the case that is located at the front).

Do you want to try this bike? To reserve, telephone 02 502 73 55 or email ().

Prices and conditions

When signing the rental agreement, show your identity card or passport and have a 300 euro deposit ready (te be paid cash or by credit card). We will take the time to explain to you how the bike works and we will help you set off on your way.

The prices are mentioned inclusive VAT (21%). For more than 4 hours rent, we calculate the price by periods of 24hours started.

  Enterprises / belgian and european administrations / ambassies / tour operators Particuliars (families, friends) Associations / (high) schools / universities
4 hours 23 € 21 €  19 €
1 day 31 € 28 €  25 €
24 extra hour 14 € 14 € 14 €
2 days 45 € 42 € 39 €
1 week 115 € 112 € 109 €

During rental, your cycling is your own responsibility. If the bicycle suffers damage, you will be asked to pay the cost of repair. In case of theft, Pro Velo reserves the right to claim reimbursement of the bicycle and the case from you. Please note our terms and conditions.