"I was recently introduced to a portion of Brussels’ (...) parks, fields and woodlands on a “green spaces” bike tour with Pro Velo. (...) It’s hard not to find history around practically every corner in Brussels."  - Michelle Juergen,

The Pro Velo bike tours offer plenty of facts about our history and the environment. Moreover, they will lead you along unexpected paths. The pace is quiet and the distance is never more than 25 km to enable everyone to enjoy an enriching 'discovery by bike'.

The atmosphere is always relaxed when you're on your bike, be it on your own or with friends or family. It's easy to talk to each other, and you are closer to the city, as well as to nature. Allow yourself to be gently guided, because... Pro Velo guides are passionate professionals.

We offer two types of guided cycling tours: tours on request, and a fixed programme. Besides the guided tours, we also offer several routes you can explore on your own.


Pro Velo's guided bicycle tours in three words... 

Pro Velo TOURISME_EN from Pro Velo on Vimeo.