Anti theft marking

Pro Velo recommends all cyclists to have their frame engraved. In the fight against bicycle theft, an engraved national registration number is your ultimate proof of ownership. On the basis of this number, the police can easily identify your bike and contact you as the rightful owner.

How does this work?

Take your bike and your national registration number to be engraved in the bicycle frame. In addition, a distinctive sticker will be placed on top to discourage potential thieves even more. Engraving carbon frames poses a risk, because this will cause the factory warranty to expire. In this case, note down the factory frame number in your bicycle pass/invoice as proof of ownership. Some engraving machines also do not work on curved frames (folding bikes).

Marking bikes can also be done by placing a distinctive sticker on the frame, without engraving. Currently, studies are underway to establish if the bicycle chip according to the Dutch model can be introduced in Belgium (Blue-bikes already use the RFID technology in this context).

Where and when?

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