Pro Velo?

Pro Velo was founded in 1992. Our objectives for the coming years:

  • to support (potential) cyclists;
  • to teach people to cycle (again);
  • to spread a positive image of the bicycle;
  • to support the bicycle policy.

The overall mission of Pro Velo is to improve the quality of life by actively contributing to the modal shift from car to bicycle.

In practice, the activities of Pro Velo can be grouped in six categories:

  • Pro Velo SERVICE: proximity services for (potential) cyclists;
  • Pro Velo EDUC: a wide range of training courses;
  • Pro Velo TOUR: the (re)discovery of the bike in pleasant circumstances;
  • Pro Velo @ENTERPRISE: the establishment of the bike into the company culture;
  • Pro Velo R&D: a study and research office;
  • Pro Velo EVENT: campaigns and actions for the general public to promote the bicycle as a means of transport.

Pro Velo clip from Pro Velo on Vimeo.