Advantages of the bike


An employee who cycles to work is fitter and healthier. Healthy habits have a long-term impact. A healthy lifestyle results in better stress management and a significant reduction in absenteeism and prolonged absences within the company.

"3 km of cycling for 3 days a week reduce absenteeism by an average of 1 day a year per employee."

"An employee who cycles 4 km every evening and every morning is not only in a better mood, but also prolongs his life expectancy by two and a half years!"


On city routes below 5 km, the steel steed is overall faster than the car. For longer distances, the combination of bicycle and public transport proves to be an excellent solution.

"Employees who cycle to work avoid traffic jams, parking problems and, what is more, always arrive on time!"

"Nowadays, the average speed of a car in city traffic is 11 km/h! An untrained cyclist travels at an average speed of 10 to 15 km/h."


Costs related to the installation of bicycle facilities (parking, sanitary installations, etc.) and the purchase of service bikes are 120% tax deductible for the employer.

To this, add the savings resulting from reduced parking facilities, punctual and fitter employees, a reduction in CO2 emissions ? and you will immediately see that the bike finishes first in all areas!

"10 bikes fit in the parking space of 1 car!"


A company that encourages the use of bicycles projects a dynamic and future-oriented image, is environmentally-conscious and cares about the health of its employees.

In brief, it is the ideal manner to demonstrate your company's social responsibility to your customers and partners.

"Healthy employees are an excellent precondition for a healthy company."